We Want to Publish Your College Application Essay About Money

We don’t talk enough about money, nor do people very often write about it with nuance and emotional resonance. You, however, may be an exception. If so, we’d like to read your work.

Each spring, we publish a handful of college application essays about money, defined broadly. Last year, there were essays about restaurant work and comedy, day care and street food.

We want to hear all kinds of stories: Struggle and privilege, triumph and defeat, hard lessons and sudden epiphanies. What matters is that it’s your personal tale of microeconomics.

There are just a few rules. This must be an essay that you sent to at least one college as part of an application for undergraduate admission. We won’t publish the name of the school you plan to attend, but we will need to know what it is, just to double-check that the essay (and you) are real.

Your essay has to be from the current application season — if you’re already enrolled or are taking a gap year and applied to college last year, you’re not eligible.

And again, the essay has to have something to do with money. Anything, really.

Please submit your essay to us using the form on this page by Friday, June 10. If you wish to share more than one, please submit them separately. We plan to publish some of them in late June, and we’ll pay the writers our normal freelance rate.