This Founder Pitched Almost 100 Investors, and They All Told Her ‘No.’ Now, Christina Stembel’s Business Is Approaching $100 Million in Revenue.

James McKinney interviews Christina Stembel, the founder of Farmgirl Bouquets, about her experience and why she dislikes the phrase ‘female founder.’

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2, 2021

1 min examine

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Christina Stembel’s company, Farmgirl Flowers, has blossomed into a booming business enterprise with $32 million in revenue by the start out of 2020 and practically double that to start out 2021. She’s also incredibly knowledgeable of the point that, no subject how prosperous she will become, some individuals are heading to open a business enterprise job interview by asking her what her favored flower is. She understands that if she makes Do it yourself content material, individuals will be tempted to see her as anyone whose only position is to make things seem pretty. 

These are just a number of of the good reasons she dislikes the phrases “feminine founder” or “female entrepreneur.” 

“Why is not it woman and then male entrepreneur?” she asks rhetorically in her job interview with James McKinney. “I do see it and comprehend why men and women are scratching off the ‘female,’ mainly because I have a heightened recognition for, ‘Why do I have to be grouped into this female category?'”

For more about Stembel’s story and encounter with what it is really like to be a woman in a male-dominated room, you can hear to the whole podcast listed here.