This entrepreneur, who participated in Shark Tank México, wants to help you have a healthier life

7, 2021

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What do you do to help other men and women direct healthier lives? Saúl Hernández, a indigenous of Guadalajara, Jalisco, arrived up with the thought that he could create a healthful ready-to-consume drink or “ready to drink”, and hence Consume Plus, a line of purposeful drinks, was born.

“The strategy with Consume Plus was to create a Mexican innovation firm in healthful and purposeful beverages, generally concentrated on mitigating overall health issues in the Mexican client,” Hernández points out in an job interview with Entrepreneur en Español.

Together with his workforce, the entrepreneur focused himself to conducting a market research and identified five illnesses that afflict Mexicans: serious exhaustion, superior amounts of dehydration, reduced stage of immune defenses, and exhaustion owing to substantial ranges of strain.

In accordance to the Mexican Institute of Social Protection (IMSS) , 75% of Mexicans undergo from exhaustion thanks to get the job done tension, surpassing countries this sort of as China and the United States.

Likewise, the exploration aided them comprehend that Mexicans have a difficulty when picking merchandise that assist them make improvements to their wellbeing in these five methods. A single: “they are quite expensive”, and two: “many or some of them require a prescription,” points out Hernández.

In this way, the Consume In addition crew undertook the process of acquiring normal extracts that could be mixed with the purpose of creating a solution that “helps the consumer’s wellbeing with no him emotion that he is using a medicine.”

“You are drinking a drink with a flavor that you like and besides [the product] is going to have this functionality [to improve health] that is why in the marketplace they are recognized as purposeful drinks, for the reason that they support you to build improved in unique functions.

What is a useful drink?

Functional drinks are all those that are made with plant goods and comprise some components aimed at getting our overall body to successfully realize a distinct perform. They can also be fully organic like teas, which incorporate anti-oxidants on their own.

Consume Moreover, started in 2015 with a cash of 500 thousand pesos, as of these days it is distributed in three thousand factors of sale nationwide with projected revenue of 11 million Mexican pesos for this 2021.

This corporation has 5 drinks centered on a precise subject matter, every just one described by its name in English:

  • Tranquil: which focuses on preventing pressure.
  • Hydrate: which seeks to rehydrate the overall body.
  • Protection: which assists improve the immune process.
  • Electrical power: centered on healthful electricity.
  • Aim: the 1 that supports our concentration and focus.

“If you never think it then you are unable to overcome the worries”

Saúl Hernández reviews that producing a organization design and creating an Excel with “quite good projections” is not all the things since afterwards “you run into fact and that’s when obstacles appear.”

According to the entrepreneur, if you are extremely very clear about what you are executing and, even a lot more importantly, think in it from the beginning, that is what will help you confront any sort of problem that comes your way.

But do not forget to select your perform staff extremely perfectly

“Obviously you have to have a workforce, but at the close of the working day this can be a tiny team that has to be really a link , in which everyone does every thing, [having] the capability to place on various caps on the similar day, which is a constant problem, ”says Hernández.

What will make you distinct?

Graphic: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

The entrepreneur arrived at Shark Tank México, which airs every single Friday at 9:30 p.m. on Canal Sony asking for two million pesos for 10% of his company. On the other hand, he obtained no offer you from any of the sharks.

“In this they are correct, and it is component of the problem. At the close of the working day, we are in the classification of completely ready-to-consume drinks and in that classification there are three significant kinds: Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé, in Mexico they depict 80% of what you see in the industry. So just one of the arguments they experienced was, ‘well, I see that it is a really competitive products classification by big players in the industry’. But, my counter argument was that we are not a flavored consume, rather we are a practical drink that has all these well being benefits ”, clarifies Hernández.

You are additional than just an ‘ordinary’ product or service

Marketing and advertising procedures can be challenging. How to reveal to a consumer why they need to choose you and not other folks is a good occupation. In this context, Hernández provides us a few tips to achieve it.

“Find characteristics that your solution has that other products on the market place do not have or that you have a competitive gain over them, no matter whether in selling price, in the formulation, in the way in which you are likely to distribute it, and many others., so that lessen the boundaries to levels of competition that you could have ”.

“A item can be used by different people, but there is nonetheless a attribute that you can current market more. For example: our product can be taken by diabetics, but we want to attain a youth sector, so our technique is incredibly youthful, despite the fact that we know that girls and gentlemen of 40 and over will also invest in us ”.

“Picking your distribution tactic can also turn out to be a differentiator because some only concentration on ecommerce, many others on conventional channels and others on creating for export.”

“If I include these three details on how to differentiate oneself, I imagine the essential is that you are pretty clear about who you want to achieve and how you want to arrive at them … Yes, in the marketing course of action the most complicated factor is to make your self acknowledged to the shopper. And which is when you have the prospect to explain to him, for example, in our situation, we are not just a single or extra flavored beverages, but somewhat that our products have other rewards ”, he concludes.