This Cloud Download Service Could Help Protect Your Business’s Computers

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A small business will spend up to $49,000 a year on technology. For a new startup, that investment could be otherwise dedicated to advertising, creating a robust inventory, or other necessities. If your business’s computers are beginning to show their age, you may be able to make fewer demands of them by using a service like TransferCloud. Instead of storing all your files locally, TransferCloud lets you bypass your low disk space and download files directly to the cloud.


It’s just the local storage that TransferCloud could help you save. Email spam costs businesses billions of dollars a year and can be host to phishing scams and viruses. TransferCloud never saves something to your computer. Only training and awareness can stop your employees from falling for phishing emails. But if they never download something directly to their computer, you may be able to avoid downloading something nefarious.

TransferCloud gives you 10GB of cloud storage. You can download two files and queue five more items simultaneously, but no file can be bigger than the 10GB limit. To arrange a download, paste a web link, torrent, or magnet link into TransferCloud. It will automatically begin downloading for you. Once your items are saved, you can move them from TransferCloud to another cloud storage service with a little more room. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Mega, OpenDrive, FTP, and DAV are all already supported, and you get unlimited bandwidth.

If your business needs to use older devices to stay within its tech budget, then you may not want to push your machines too far. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription to TransferCloud Premium Lite on sale for $79 (reg. $1,000). That’s the best price online, too.

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