The first hotel in the space will open in 2027

Its framework will be composed of two concentric rings preset to just about every other with a established of spokes that help a household ring built up of significant modules.

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4, 2021

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This posting was translated from our Spanish edition using AI systems. Mistakes may well exist owing to this process.

When fact surpasses or reaches science fiction. In the era of space tourism, The Gateway Foundation was designed with the purpose of creating the initially hotel in area and every thing appears to be to point out that it will be inaugurated in 2027.

The vacation resort will have synthetic gravity and will have the capacity to accommodate 500 men and women, and it will also supply a health and fitness center, cafe, bar, and all the features that a resort on Earth has.

“Voyager Station will harness the technologies of area and the comforts of Earth to generate a exceptional practical experience unprecedented in history. The simulated gravity will supply comforts these types of as bogs, showers and beds that get the job done in a identical way to what is applied on Earth ”, they explain on the internet site.


Its structure will be composed of two concentric rings mounted to each and every other with a established of spokes that guidance a residential ring built up of big modules.

The outer ring will be the spine of the station and will have a variety of interior tube, which will supply the assembly for the housing modules, solar panels, radiators and a rail transport process.

Habitation Rin / Impression:

On the other hand there will be the ring of rooms produced up of a series of pressurized, related and massive modules. It will be designed up of all the formerly stated features, gym module, kitchen, restaurant and bar Crew Quarters module, which will be configurable for place by gravity and microgravity modules for scientific routines.

How considerably will it value?


In accordance to Nationwide Geographic in Spanish , the charge for a 3-day stay to rest in the stars is all-around 5,000 dollars (around 99,898 Mexican pesos).

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