&nbsp Author: Rachel Richards January 24, 2023 Europe is bracing itself for a long, cold winter. Blackouts, gas shortages and unheated homes could well become a reality for millions across the continent in the months to come, as the ongoing energy crisis continues to escalate. Already grappling with skyrocketing bills,Continue Reading

&nbsp Author: John Muchira, Features Writer January 16, 2023 Egypt has desperately been looking up for white smoke. In better times, the country is often a political and economic powerhouse in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This year, however, the tides have shifted. Egypt has sunk intoContinue Reading

Investing in Africa’s health The continuing success story behind the Global Fund has been halted by the pandemic and now, as the economy recovers, the combined efforts of African governments, donor countries and the private sector is once again needed to help restart Africa’s health systems By Donald Kaberuka, Former PresidentContinue Reading

A huge cyber-attack or data breach that cripples online activity is regularly listed as a major risk to global economic security, along with the physical risks of climate change and geopolitical conflict. Since British mathematician Clive Humby declared in 2006 that data is the oil of the 21st century, itContinue Reading

Prediction is often compared to a kind of magic. Indeed, it is a key component of many magic shows. It also plays an important role in science: as the physicist Richard Feynman once said, “The test of science is its ability to predict.” Economists have a more complicated stance. InContinue Reading

They tried to bury me alive, and here I am,” President-elect Lula told jubilant crowds in São Paulo as the vote count confirmed his victory in the Brazilian presidential runoff. The moment marked a historic comeback for the veteran politician, whose career and reputation were seemingly ruined when he wasContinue Reading

When human resources director Carole Bereby enrolled in the executive MBA at HEC Paris two years ago, the geopolitics of coronavirus were straining the global supply chain of her company: the French lingerie brand Aubade. Border closures caused delays for materials coming from Europe to the company’s production site inContinue Reading