Pat Sterner, who runs her own business consulting for nonprofits in Duluth, Minn., would love to retire and spend more time kayaking on Lake Superior. In the summer, she says, her neighbors “are always knocking” on her door to get her out. But even though she would like to takeContinue Reading

Modular wooden houses made out of renewable resources&nbsp Author: Angelica Krystle Donati, CEO, Donati Immobiliare Group February 9, 2022 After many years of stagnation, the construction industry is finally expected to grow significantly in the next decade according to the Future of Construction, a report published by Marsh & GuyContinue Reading

&nbsp Author: Selwyn Parker, Journalist & Writer September 1, 2021 In a time period that has seen history lows and highs for gas, detrimental oil costs, extra wells being deserted than at any time ahead of, and drilling programmes slashed, the standard consensus is that Major Oil is in difficulty.Continue Reading