Pedestrians pass in front of Pinterest signage displayed outside of the New York Stock Exchange. Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images Pinterest shares soared over 12% in extended trading after the company reported third-quarter earnings. Here’s how the company did. Earnings: 11 cents per share (adjusted) vs. 6 centsContinue Reading

Oil and fuel large BP defeat 3rd-quarter earnings anticipations on Tuesday, fueled by surging electricity charges. The British vitality important posted an underlying substitute value revenue, a proxy for internet earnings, of $3.3 billion for the third quarter, previously mentioned analyst estimates of $3.1 billion, according to Refinitiv. The figureContinue Reading

Stock investing app Robinhood described Tuesday a enormous revenue overlook for the third quarter, as cryptocurrency trading dropped off. Robinhood said that, barring any modify in the industry ecosystem, the headwinds that dragged down previous quarter — like decreased retail buying and selling action — will persist into year-stop. Shares ofContinue Reading

UBS has overwhelmed analyst anticipations in the 3rd quarter as its prosperity management division continued to outperform. The Swiss financial institution on Tuesday noted internet earnings attributable to shareholders of $2.3 billion for the time period, up from $2 billion in the next quarter. Analysts experienced predicted the figure toContinue Reading