Electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular than ever. In just a few years, they’ve gone from a relative rarity to something you may see daily on your commute. With more charging stations and a wider selection of models available, you may wonder if it’s time to join the trend andContinue Reading

Filers may want to have their returns prepared early in the filing season, so they can adjust their budget if their refund falls short of expectations. “Knowing where you stand lets you make appropriate decisions,” Ms. Pickering said. If you do owe money, don’t panic, she said. You can fileContinue Reading

Avoid Capital Gains Taxes When Selling a House There’s a lot of pride associated with owning property, whether it’s a primary home or a vacation bungalow. It’s especially rewarding when real estate is properly compensated for. But while a high selling price may be exciting in the moment, it typicallyContinue Reading

With soaring prices and record home equity, you may expect a profit from selling your property. But the windfall may trigger an unexpected tax bill next April.  While home profits dipped slightly, the typical single-family seller still scored a $103,000 gross profit during the first quarter of 2022, according toContinue Reading