During a recession, investors need to act cautiously but remain vigilant in monitoring the market landscape for opportunities to pick up high-quality assets at discounted prices. These are difficult environments, but they also coincide with the best opportunities. In a recessionary environment, the worst-performing assets are highly leveraged, cyclical, andContinue Reading

In this week’s episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate chats with David Wagner, Equity Analyst & Portfolio Manager at Aptus Capital Advisors. Dave discusses his barbell strategy to pair two seemingly disparate sectors for portfolio balance. MarketBeat.com – MarketBeat In this unprecedented market environment, with macro uncertainties causing intense selling,Continue Reading

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones says you ‘can’t think of a worse environment’ for stocks and bonds — but here’s one simple strategy he’d employ right now If you’re thinking about buying the dip in stocks, you might want to think again. According to Paul Tudor Jones, the billionaire founder ofContinue Reading