&nbsp Author: Selwyn Parker, Features writer January 18, 2023 When, or if, the Earth stops heating up and the planet is saved, historians will probably look back to August 16, 2022 as the landmark date. For that was the day when the US President Joe Biden administration’s anti-climate change package,Continue Reading

Consumers can take steps now to prepare for the winter and conserve energy. “It’s November — there’s still time to get ready,” Mr. Wolfe said. Heating contractors are typically less busy right now, he said, before temperatures plummet. The most widely recommended step: Schedule a professional checkup of your heatingContinue Reading

With the economy slowing down, you would think that layoffs would be ratcheting up. But that’s not the case. Despite high-profile layoffs at companies such as Netflix, Snap, and Better.com, the national average of layoffs hasn’t changed much in many months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Economists areContinue Reading