second to die policy A second-to-die policy is designed for couples who want to share a life insurance policy with specific beneficiaries, such as children and grandchildren. The life insurance company will only make a payout to the beneficiaries after the last survivor passes away. We’ll explore what a second-to-dieContinue Reading

College students who are already shopping for laptops, textbooks and other campus gear may want to add something else to their list: renter’s insurance. The insurance can help pay for personal property that is stolen or damaged by accidents like fires from cooking. It offers liability coverage to help coverContinue Reading

Business district of Metro Manila, Philippines&nbsp Author: Leticia C. Tendero, Director of Investor Relations, Standard Insurance December 18, 2021 The year 2020 blindsided the world with the Black Swan occurrence of the deadly Coronavirus disease that spread so swiftly across the globe and that had devastating consequences. Global activity groundContinue Reading