After years of cheap money, it’s suddenly a lot more expensive to borrow. The Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark short-term rate 3 percentage points since March in an effort to curb unrelenting inflation, including another big hike earlier this week. “Interest rates are going up at the fastest pace that any ofContinue Reading

In December, we listed analysts’ favorite semiconductor stocks for 2022. That hasn’t turned out well. But after chipmakers’ stocks have been hammered, the group is now trading at “normal-level valuations,” according to Matt Peron, director of research at Janus Henderson Investors. For long-term investors, it may help to see whichContinue Reading

Joe Biden reportedly sent 5 million barrels of oil to Europe and Asia in June even as US prices hit record highs — here are the 2 energy stocks that could gain the most One of the surest signs of inflation is the pain Americans are feeling at the pump.Continue Reading