Those working from home, which is 26% of U.S. employees, have likely experienced some benefits and some drawbacks since they started doing so two or three years ago. First, let’s start with the pros. Calendar – Calendar As long as the work is done and results are strong, many remoteContinue Reading

It is not enough for business school students to develop theoretical knowledge; they also want to acquire a practical toolkit to fight the world’s most pressing issues — from global warming to managing plastic waste. The submissions for the Responsible Business Education Awards reflected a rise in the quality ofContinue Reading

PayPal  (PYPL)  is in trouble.  The financial services platform has been in a major decline since the beginning of the year.  Its stock price has fallen 52.2% since January. The market value has decreased by nearly $114 billion during that period to $104.3 billion. Profitability concerns surrounding fintech have grownContinue Reading

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Change leadership can be demanding. Nevertheless, the ability to navigate change is a crucial leadership skill. I have been leading and coaching complex change initiatives with executive leaders, senior managers and front-line teams around the globe for more than a decade. IContinue Reading