Verizon (VZ)  shares are trading off Thursday following the news that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) shed its position in the communications company, as its trimmed some other underperforming stocks. If you’re a longer-term investor in the shares of Verizon, like Buffett has been, the shares have fallen more than 22% sinceContinue Reading

If there ever was a staunch investor who could carry his businesses and investments well over hard times, it’s Warren Buffett. contributor/ – MarketBeat In his most recent shareholder letter, he says he prefers to own equities, from whole companies to publicly traded stocks, keeping most of his netContinue Reading

Warren Buffett says these are the best stocks to own when inflation spikes — with consumer prices at a 40-year high, it’s time to follow his lead Price levels continue to rise at a rate we haven’t seen in decades. In December, U.S. consumer prices surged 7% on a year-over-yearContinue Reading