Starlink’s internet will be 40% faster than the speed of light on fiber optics: Elon Musk

This was expressed by the billionaire on his Twitter account.

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6, 2021

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Intrigued in Elon Musk’s net? Considerably has been reported about Starlink , the satellite world wide web service that the tycoon who owns Tesla and SpaceX will before long current market in distinct nations.

Just lately, the billionaire explained by way of his Twitter account that this services “will be 40% more rapidly than the pace of light-weight in fiber optics and a shorter route.” He also added that “there is no need to have for floor stations everywhere. The Arctic will have great bandwidth! “

Processing is not an issue. Lasers inbound links relieve ground station constraints, so facts can go from say Sydney to London via space, which is ~ 40% faster pace of light-weight than fiber & shorter route.

Also, no have to have for ground stations all over the place. Arctic will have great bandwidth!

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 2, 2021

In another message, the businessman discussed that his “satellites that will be launched in the coming months have laser hyperlinks amongst satellites, so a neighborhood downlink is not required.”

Our satellites launching in upcoming couple months have inter-satellite laser backlinks, so no nearby downlink necessary. Likely energetic in 4 to 6 months.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 1, 2021

Musk’s enterprise has very low-orbit satellites that provide superior-velocity connectivity and small latency, which signifies that obtain instances are shorter. Starlink’s world-wide-web was made to deal with remote locations in which conventional businesses are not able to very easily access.