PCR tests for cell phones? This is the new method they propose to detect COVID-19

Chilean researchers develop a method to detect the virus devoid of obtaining to submit to a nasal swab.

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28, 2021

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This short article was translated from our Spanish edition utilizing AI technologies. Problems could exist due to this procedure.

A group of Chilean experts made a new approach to detect COVID-19. It is to make u na PCR check to display screen your digital products and, in accordance to the review, the final result would be 90% equivalent to that of a nasopharyngeal examination.

The advantage of this new strategy, termed Post for its acronym in English (Cellular phone Screen Screening, in Spanish: check of the cellphone display screen) is that it is considerably a lot less invasive and that it would have a reduce price .

It is important to note that this new technique is additional efficient in people individuals with a substantial viral load, due to the fact in minimal prevalence configurations it is incredibly possible that fake constructive effects will show up, according to the Entire world Wellbeing Firm (WHO) .

How does this new course of action do the job?

“The swab is passed more than the mobile cellphone display as an alternative of the nose and then it is analyzed as with a ordinary PCR to detect if there are traces of the virus RNA,” explained Alejandra Lavanderos, a person of the collaborating researchers.

The study was led by Chilean health practitioner Rodrigo Yung, who performs at the International University of London (UCL). It was also published in the British popular science journal eLife .

About 1,200 men and women underwent the experiment, where by they did a traditional PCR examination and another with the new Post process. In this way   checked the specificity of the investigation. On the other hand, the treatment was beneficial for detecting the “stressing” variants : Delta, Alhpa or Gamma, which have turn into a challenge for the environment owing to their large contagion ability.

As soon as you meet all the vital prerequisites, scientists will search for acceptance from the suitable health and fitness authorities as an substitute to conventional assessments.

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