Papel picado for Day of the Dead: Entrepreneur Special

This short article was translated from our Spanish edition applying AI systems. Faults could exist thanks to this method.

Have you at any time puzzled what is behind the confetti business enterprise? A tradition that has crossed borders and carries a attribute handicraft of Mexico.

César Emilio Renteria , paper craftsman from Xochimilco, tells us about how his relatives dedicates by itself to this organization that is a supply of operate for the entire 12 months. Confronted with the ban on functions owing to COVID-19, his loved ones had to learn to operate in scaled-down volumes.

In this distinctive # NegociosDíaDeMuertos we deliver you stories of business owners like you who deal with serious challenges and who inform us how they overcome it with no magic methods, if not with actual exertion every single working day.

Master much more in the online video!

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