Lie When Asked This Popular Job Interview Question: Expert

Lying on your resume or in a job interview is usually frowned upon, but according to one life coach, lying when answering this one popular interview question might be your smartest move — and the masses seem to agree.

Career coach Tashe Gray is going viral after giving rather unorthodox advice to viewers to “professionally lie” when asked the question, “Tell me about an obstacle that you faced, and how you overcame the obstacle” during a job interview.

“Just lie. There’s no way for them to verify the story at all. All you have to do, number one, the obstacle that you name you got to make sure it’s a juicy one,” Gray says. “Make sure it’s a very interesting obstacle. Number two, speak clearly. Don’t stumble, you need to know the words that you are going to speak before you speak them.”

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The video, which has now amassed over 1.3 million views, brought in surprisingly positive reactions from the majority of viewers who admitted that they often lie during interviews to make themselves seem fitter for the specific role at hand.

“Practice different scenarios,” one user advised. “Also implement the company’s values into the story.”

“I think of an actual story go over the steps I took to overcome and add a lie if needed to make it juicy or if I need to sound like I had more control,” another explained.

It seems commenters are not alone. Recent data from Checkster shows that a staggering 78% of job candidates have or have considered lying during one point or another in the job application process.

To lie or not to lie? That’s up to the job seeker’s discretion, but it’s safe to say that honesty is the safest policy when it comes to talking to a potential future employer.