Chihuahua-sized robot dog developed

We are all familiar with Sopt, the robot pet dog from Boston Dynamics who usually demonstrates us his new methods. Even so, there is a scaled-down and fewer heavy four-legged automaton, which could even be configured to your liking.

Mini Pupper vía Kickstarter

It is Mini Pupper , a robotic intended by MangDang , a company that specializes in the analysis, growth and production of robotic products and solutions in collaboration with Stanford Pupper , founded by Nathan Kau. Appropriate now this venture is on Kickstarter.

The aim of its creators is to industry “an educational quadruped robot at a acceptable price” with which any person can carry out “fun robotics analysis and experiments”.

Picture: Mini Pupper by means of Kickstarter.

What are the characteristics of the Mini Pupper?

His physical appearance appears to be that of a smaller breed puppy and he appears a little bit like Place. The moment totally assembled, the “little robot” measures 20.9 x 10.9 x 16.6 centimeters and weighs just over 50 percent a kilo (560 grams).

Graphic: Mini Pupper by means of Kickstarter.

The quadruped options an 800 mAh battery, a Raspberry Pi 4B processor that can be programmed in Ubuntu or ROS. You can bounce, jog, run, map your environment, and find out from your environment in genuine time employing a camera sensor.

It is also appropriate with the newest OpenCV 3D digicam module, named OAK-D LITE, which will allow it to carry out experience detection, recognition, and item detection.

Its value will differ dependent on the package you want, in this sense, the most primary has a price tag of 220 euros (5,226 Mexican pesos about), it is made up of the fundamental sections without the 3D printed body, when the full kit has a price of 414 euros (9,822 Mexican pesos), according to Gizmodo .

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