&nbsp Author: Matt Timms, Features Writer February 2, 2023 We hear a lot of the technological dangers to our planet – oil, gas, coal, concrete, plastics, the list goes on – but what of the technological solutions? Lithium, an unremarkable silvery grey in appearance and a harsh metallic to theContinue Reading

&nbsp Author: Scott Rouse, Features Writer February 1, 2023 In Fontainebleau the hammer fell at the Osenat auction house in October 2022, denoting the end of a bidding war that resulted in a Tianqiuping-style porcelain vase selling for a little over €9m. This would not have been controversial, except thatContinue Reading

&nbsp Author: Laura French, Features Writer January 31, 2023 When Concorde was taken out of service in 2003, it looked like the end for three-hour hops between London and New York. Deafening sonic booms, prohibitive prices and safety concerns – fuelled by the crash in France in July 2000 –Continue Reading

&nbsp Author: David Worsfold, Features Writer January 30, 2023 During the summer-long Conservative leadership election, many in the City were surprised to hear the successful candidate, the now replaced Liz Truss, talk about the need to reform Solvency II, the decade-old rules inherited from the European Union governing the matchingContinue Reading

&nbsp Author: Matteo Del Fante, CEO, Poste Italiane January 27, 2023 Despite postal services being essential for bridging the gaps between individuals, organisations, and governments around the world, the sector is currently facing its biggest obstacles yet: climate change and digital disruption. The sector, which possesses all the qualifications neededContinue Reading

&nbsp Interview with: Charles Goodhart, British Economist and Author January 25, 2023 Charles Goodhart has seen it all: recessions, stagflation and boom years. In his book, The Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality, and an Inflation Revival, co-authored with Manoj Pradhan, the former Bank of England adviser predicted theContinue Reading

&nbsp Author: Rachel Richards January 24, 2023 Europe is bracing itself for a long, cold winter. Blackouts, gas shortages and unheated homes could well become a reality for millions across the continent in the months to come, as the ongoing energy crisis continues to escalate. Already grappling with skyrocketing bills,Continue Reading

&nbsp Author: Antonia Di Lorenzo, Features Writer January 23, 2023 An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has recently said the UK should widen its open banking model to speed up the growth of fintech as part of a broader evolution in financial services. The APPG has called on the UKContinue Reading