Buying Stocks: Investing Myths and Facts

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We generally hear or browse about how crucial it is to devote . What is actually extra, even fiscal industry experts explain to us that conserving is useless if you never strategy to invest some of it to grow your cash.

Nonetheless, there are 1000’s of financial investment myths. In this regard, Silvia Singer, basic director of the Interactive Museum of Economics ( MIDE ) moderated a panel of industry experts with Sofía Macías, author of Small Capitalist Pig the specialist Regina Reyes Heroles, author of the guide Are living like a queen and commit like a commoner , and Juan Luis Ordaz, director of Money Education at Citibanamex, during the MoneyFest 2021 financial festival.

Picture: MoneyFest 2021

What are the myths that exist in investments?

“If we help save minimal, we invest considerably less. And when we do, it is under numerous preconceptions that do not assist us make very good selections, “mentioned the director of MIDE.

These are some of the myths that exist about investing that can stop us:

1. “It is pretty dangerous to commit”

An expense is what with particular certainty will give you your funds again plus a return. Nearly anything outside the house of this definition is speculation, the Citibanamex skilled remarked.

It relies upon on what you commit, due to the fact there are approaches and instruments that aid regulate possibility, but also a danger when you do not spend mainly because dollars is losing value, advisable Sofía Macias. “The lousy news is that whatsoever you do, there is risk. If you opt for a thing suited for your goals in a offered time, the risk is more limited ”.

Figuring out what you want and when you want it is the most crucial detail, Reyes Heroles remarked.

2. “It can take a good deal of money to make investments”

“You want 50 pesos. You need to plan, know what you want, and get begun. There are devices that let you to start out with quite tiny to commence to comprehend how your income grows ”, remarked the writer of Dwelling like a queen and paying like a commoner .

In this regard, Juan Luis Ordaz recalled that the to start with action is to opt for a objective to choose an expenditure tool and not go for the fashions.

“The worst time to make investments in something is when it comes out a great deal in the information mainly because it is stylish and you also buy high-priced,” advisable Sofía Macías. “When a system is at all-time highs, it is time to know it before taking a hazard.”

3. “I can get wealthy right away”

In some cases we confuse that investments give income, when in simple fact they give extended-phrase wealth, remarked the author of Small Capitalist Pig. “We consider that we can, we will devote and immediately after six months we will be capable to invest.”

For her element, Regina recalled that “the notion of investing is imagining about compound desire. This cash has to get the job done when we do our point. We have to give this dollars a work horizon.

Ordaz remarked that the excellent millionaires of the environment do the job their prosperity with these 3 pillars to create prosperity.

  • Funds attraction: Occupy your abilities in what I am fantastic at and have a excellent romance with cash.
  • Money administration: Realizing how to expend and use what we receive.
  • Multiplication of revenue: That is what investments exist for

4. “You have to be an skilled to invest”

Macías claimed: “Investing is a ability, but not 1 that is born with or that is acquired in faculty.” That is, it is created with economical schooling programs. “The behavior do not do the monk. Indeed you have to examine, but you can commence with lower danger ”.

Reyes Heroles described that it is needed to improve the participation in investments as working experience is acquired and to be in constant training. “Think about how a great deal you are getting rid of by not investing.”

5. “You usually have to make investments in a bank”

“What is vital in this article is to take part in institutions that are controlled to safeguard and regard your money. If some thing seems also very good to be real, it likely is, ”recalled the MIDE director.

For his section, Macías pointed out that it is necessary to update all the time to know the unique platforms that exist this kind of as Fintech. “Quite a few people want to get prosperous, but they you should not want to pay back the price tag to quit paying out, studying and training.”

“The folks who do prepare by themselves in economical issues multiply. These that do not divide ”, concluded the Citibanamex executive.

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