Best Leader: Batman or Superman

Batman and Superman. Those two are probably the best-known names in the comics industry and this week they will face off on the big screen. Both characters are iconic DC in their own right – Superman is the first modern superhero, while Batman is the first not perfect – and are admired for their different qualities.

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Regarding the film, I want to ask which of the two characters would be the best leader in real life, because although many of us are more attracted to the particular personality of some of them, in practice, the answer about what qualities Bruce Wayne have and Clark Kent to be a good leader can be very different.

Let’s take a look at some characteristics of a good leader and see where Gotham City’s favorite son and Metropolis’s most famous reporter stand out.

1. Business ability

I’ll be honest: at first this note was going to analyze which of the two characters would be the best CEO in real life, but it was a victory sung. Bruce Wayne is, in fact, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises , the conglomerate his father inherited (although Lucius Fox is the de facto CEO during the heir’s absences). Wayne is capable of running his empire – which includes everything from construction companies to entertainment – and running businesses that have generated a net worth of $ 9.2 billion (according to the latest Fictional 15 listing from Forbes ).

For his part, Clark Kent had worked mostly as a journalist at The Daily Planet newspaper (a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, by the way), until he decided to open an independent journalism website in protest of the loss of values in the newspaper.

So, simply put, Bruce Wayne is clearly the best CEO just because he has had a chance to prove it, even though Clark Kent has started on his entrepreneurial path.


2. Right motivations

A good leader must be able to inspire his team by example. Although Batman has a great story to follow, being the orphan who trained tirelessly to avenge his parents’ deaths, Superman is the epitome of values like justice and honor. As such, he himself is the symbol of the warrior who fights with honesty and dedication because he knows that his superior abilities force him to have a strict code of conduct.

At the end of the day, Superman has the right motivations to be a good leader, as they are born out of something more pure than a personal desire for revenge. It is easier to inspire a team when you are a leader who follows the rules.


3. Intelligence

Batman is known as the World’s Best Detective for a reason. Superman, a more evolved being from another galaxy, is supposed to have extreme intelligence, but if we read his comics we will see that his solution to many conflicts is simply to attack head-on. Batman, for his part, ALWAYS has a contingency plan for any eventuality.

“Batman is always ready for anything; he is the typical character who imagines the worst possible scenarios and has an answer for them, and does not let his personal beliefs make him be unprepared, ”comments Mr. X, owner of the popular video blog The Top Comics , in an interview.

Superman has only one strategy that generally works very well for him: attacking head-on. Instead, Batman, being an ordinary human under his gadgets and training, must be able to think outside the box in order to defeat opponents who are practically gods. An important quality for a leader who wants to innovate.


4. Decision making

A good leader is one who dares to lead his team down new paths and moments of uncertainty. They are those people who must make decisions that will be unpopular, but that are necessary to achieve the objectives.

Here the clear winner is Batman, as he has no qualms about doing what is necessary to achieve the greater good, even if it means destroying his own name. Superman, on the other hand, usually has more reserves due to the values he has. In the words of Batman himself, one of the great weaknesses of the Man of Steel is that he is a “too good person”, who is not willing to use his full potential for fear of his own abilities.

“Batman would be more the leader who says what has to be done, period, while Superman would do more public relations work, to explain how things are,” explains film critic Mario Székely.


5. Ability to work in a team

Batman is recognized for being a loner who sometimes comes to collaborate with others when circumstances absolutely require it. Gear doesn’t come naturally to the Dark Knight, though he has had teammates like Robin and Batgirl and collaborations with other heroes.

Although the mystery may seem interesting, in real life, it can be problematic. As you can see in the JLA comic: Tower of Babel, Batman is incredibly paranoid. For example, he has a list of the methods to defeat his fellow Justice League, in case they ever lose control. In addition, he always has a hidden plan that he does not share with anyone.

In practice, a leader like Superman, who is straightforward, outspoken in his strategies, and fully trusts his teammates, would be much easier to follow.

“Superman is the classic leader, the ideal, while Batman is pragmatic. However, it would be very difficult to follow a boss who does not tell you what is really happening, “says Mr. X.


6. Role model

As we already mentioned, words convince, but testimony drags. A good leader must inspire the people around him to do their best. This is a section that Superman clearly wins because Batman tends to be cynical and brutal.

Rather than inspiring the people of Gotham City to be better, it terrifies them to follow the law, sometimes with dire consequences such as the birth of new villains. In addition, Batman has an almost pathological inability to trust others, which greatly damages the dynamics of the teams in which he participates.


7. Fight to the end

One of the characteristics of a good leader is his ability to keep going even in the most adverse circumstances, not to give up, despite the odds of success being against him. This quality is not simple stubbornness: it is the resilience to find ways to overcome obstacles, despite the low probability of success.

Without a doubt, Batman is the undisputed winner. Clark Kent is a simple reporter out of a farm in Kansas, but Superman is a demigod whose powers are unmatched.

On the contrary, although Bruce Wayne is one of the richest men in the world, he is a human being with no special abilities. In a hand-to-hand fight, Superman would win over Batman without argument, but the Dark Knight always uses his intelligence to find ways to curb the might of Kal – El.

Batman represents what can be accomplished with dedication and effort. Superman is absurdly powerful; the fact that El Hooded has managed to punch him a couple of times shows just how strong his stamina and desire to fight is.

In summary…

Which is the better leader: Superman or Batman? The truth is that each one has characteristics that would make them good team leaders. If you need a leader who is tough and is very clear about the strategy to follow, Batman is the obvious choice. But if you are looking for a leader who inspires by daily example, Superman is the one to follow.

Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. In that case, always be Batman. Still, a leader cannot think only of himself and his interests. Batman wants revenge. He saves people almost as a side effect of avenging his parents. Superman is more empathetic and genuinely seeks the common good. So if you can be Batman, be Batman. But if you have to choose a leader, vote for Superman ”, says Iván Morales, CEO of Cine Premiere magazine.

The answer to who is the best leader depends on the type of team and mission. Mario Székely describes it like this: If a nuclear bomb falls on your city, you need a leader who starts making quick decisions without asking too many questions.

Once the rebuilding begins, you need a leader like Superman, who has the ideals to restore social order. Personally, I would follow Batman because I believe that the ability to rise up after adversity is essential in a good leader. But: which one would you choose and why?

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