Are Collaboration Channels Killing Your Productivity?

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Because its launch in 2004, Fb has linked 2.85 billion people with each individual other. It popularized the strategy of social feeds. You can write-up your views, images, movies and any other individual updates in your feed and your buddies and loved ones linked with you on the system can see these posts in their social feeds. It is very addictive and numerous persons look at their feed many times a day to preserve themselves up-to-date. 

It is organic to consider that a Facebook-like instrument that is simple to use (and just as addictive) can be tailored to interactions at work. Any individual snug in the Facebook method of conversation really should just take to this sort of a resource like to fish to h2o, no? Along came Slack with this quite plan. 

They known as their feed ‘channel’ and it was meant for chatting with team associates at do the job. Channels have several features frequent with Facebook’s social feed including likes, mentions, and sharing posts between many others.